Best Toronto Chefs

Featured image Best Toronto Chefs - Best Toronto Chefs

With the incredible number of restaurants in Toronto, one can expect some great chefs to serve the cuisine that puts dining in Toronto in a league of its own.

Aviv Restaurant peeks into the profiles of top chefs in Toronto and the restaurants where they put their magic on a plate.

David Zilber

Featured image Best Toronto Chefs David Zilber - Best Toronto Chefs

While the restaurant, Noma, is in Copenhagen, it is impossible not to include Toronto-born chef David Zilber on the list of Toronto’s best chefs.

His expertise helped keep Noma in the first place as the world’s best restaurant for four consecutive years.

David Zilber’s food is not the norm, as this chef specializes in edible bacteria. Paying for bacteria is a pricey business at Noma.

Ian Robinson

Featured image Best Toronto Chefs Ian Robinson - Best Toronto Chefs

Ian Robinson is the chef at Skippa, and his experience with Japanese cuisine helps bring out fantastic flavors in his seafood recipes. His implementation of authentic Asian methods puts him in the lead of chefs preparing the best Japanese food.

This chef keeps things interesting by regularly changing the menu according to the freshest ingredients available. For example, single bites of Sushi are available with plates filled with shrimp and mackerel covered with sesame seeds.

Michael Robins

Featured image Best Toronto Chefs Michael Robins - Best Toronto Chefs

This chef became a household name after competing in Top Chef Canada and his restaurant, AnnaLena, is famous for food that tastes great and looks good. His cooking style is considered modern with a twist to authentic cuisine.

The weirdest item on the menu is fried chicken with chocolate. His fine cuisine is as good as his kick-ass hamburger.

Daniel Cancino

Featured image Best Toronto Chefs Daniel Cancino - Best Toronto Chefs

There are many Filipinos living in Toronto, and Daniel Cancino has made a name for himself as the head chef at Lamesa Filipino Kitchen. According to diners, nothing compares to his recipes of pork neck and charred Broccolini.

Daniel brings Filipino-inspired meals to diners and dedicates his time teaching Filipinos in Toronto about traditional Filipino food.

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