When visiting Toronto, there is a vast choice for a night of fine dining. Toronto is a massive city with many restaurants subject to the strictest regulations. At Aviv Restaurant, we compare the menus, prices, and food options to give you the chance to experience the best choices to your taste.

Downtown Restaurants

Toronto is a tourist hub, and restaurants ensure that the food available at eateries caters to the Italian, Argentinian, Parisian, and every other pallet under the sun. Diners will find everything from Sushi to Thai-food, seafood, and Canadian seasonal dishes in the downtown restaurants.

In Toronto, visitors can pay for a food tour that will cost them in the region of $80. A private food tour can cost up to $141 and take visitors to Old Toronto with its St Lawrence Market. Foodies can get a taste of Canada’s traditional dishes or grab a bite from the best doughnuts in the country.

Close to the Airport

You do not have to venture too far from the airport to have a great dining experience in Toronto. There are several chain restaurants like Starbucks and enough options for choosing between succulent steaks and delicious seafood.

Sushi prepared in the traditional Japanese style can be found at Sushi-Ya Japanese, and a ravenous traveler will be satisfied with the enormous portions at Sido Shawarma. Hooters at Toronto Airport has a lovely outside patio, while Boston Pizza will deliver your choice of the freshest pizza to your hotel room.

Restaurants with a View

Toronto’s location on the shore of Lake Ontario is ideal for restaurant owners to not only wow customers with great food but leave them satisfied with great views while eating out. Toronto city has some spectacular views that include city views, views of the island, and lake views.

From great views to multi-cultural restaurants, Toronto hosts top chefs and menus at restaurants appearing in three languages. All the dishes diners will find at restaurants, like Nora Gray, are in Italian, French, and English. At Aviv Restaurant, we consider everybody’s opinion by looking at testimonials, the top choices by Top Chef Canada hosts, and famous chefs’ last words.

While it is not difficult to see why Toronto is more than a beautiful city, choosing the best restaurant with only a few nights to spare might prove difficult for any traveler. Let Aviv Restaurant be your guide. With years of experience in the culinary industry, we know what to look at, test it, and point you in the right direction.