Toronto is an exciting city, with areas outside the city center that embrace country-style living, adorable townhouses in Trinity, and apartment buildings in Parktown. With a population of over 6 million and visitors reaching 27.5 million annually, residents and visitors must be entertained. Toronto’s restaurants are in abundance with exquisite […]

There are traditional foods in Canada with origins from Quebec and France, and some made their way from Nova Scotia. But some would say there is a lot more to traditional Canadian foods than Poutine. Poutine If you ever wondered who had the idea of drizzling sauces over fries, it […]

With the incredible number of restaurants in Toronto, one can expect some great chefs to serve the cuisine that puts dining in Toronto in a league of its own. Aviv Restaurant peeks into the profiles of top chefs in Toronto and the restaurants where they put their magic on a […]

While everybody chooses their favorite restaurants based mainly on the type of food served, various other reasons give an edge to certain restaurants. The best view restaurant – Canoe Restaurant While the exquisite menu of Canoe Restaurant is not suited for the second prize in any competition, it is the […]