The Impact of Restaurants and Gambling on Toronto’s GDP

Toronto is an exciting city, with areas outside the city center that embrace country-style living, adorable townhouses in Trinity, and apartment buildings in Parktown. With a population of over 6 million and visitors reaching 27.5 million annually, residents and visitors must be entertained. Toronto’s restaurants are in abundance with exquisite culinary options.

Toronto is the capital of Ontario, and its location on the shore of Lake Ontario offers brilliant views. Living in Toronto is expensive, but Toronto is worth it. It is the largest city in Canada, and the city itself houses 3 million residents. The city reaches over 20km north-south and 45km east-west, with four more municipalities. The greater Toronto area includes towns like Georgina, Durham, York, and Brampton.

Toronto boasts record-breaking visitor numbers, and restaurants ensure they are part of the attraction of this energetic metropolis. Approximately 7,500 restaurants in Toronto include licensed and non-licensed bars and nightclubs serving food, generating an astounding $33 billion or 4% of the country’s Gross Domestic Product.

Within the city limits of Toronto alone, diners can choose from over 10,000 restaurants. And for that night in when residents and visitors have put time aside for doing some online gaming with one of the casino’s great bonuses at, most restaurants include takeaway options available from their regular dining menus.

As with restaurants, gambling plays a huge role in Canada’s economy. As a result, Canada, and Toronto are very welcoming to gambling. It is part of the culture, and the gambling industry contributes over 2.5 billion in GDP. With Canada’s relaxed rules on online gaming, Canadian players can take part in online games anywhere in the world.

Around 61% of Toronto’s residents are doing some form of online gaming. As Canada is an allowed country at Duelz, the casino is a good option for punters looking for online entertainment to relax and win some loonies.

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