Licensing for Restaurants and Online Gambling in Toronto

Owners of restaurants and operators for casinos need licenses to entertain residents and visitors to most countries, but the law in Canada is different. Operators will need a business license, and casinos in Toronto that also want to have a presence online, will need a registered domain name and a website.

However, companies like can operate in Toronto without a licence. There can be restrictions on how many gaming facilities can operate in Toronto, and the provincial government decides the number of casinos. However, casinos can offer betting, online gambling, bingo, slots, poker games, and lotteries.

AGCO (Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario) has released a thorough guide for gaming operators on applying for gaming licenses. For restaurant owners, catering to the public requires a business license.

Whether owners want to open cafés, restaurants, food trucks, or bars, they must follow specific steps to obtain the proper licenses. Restaurants are subject to strict regulations regarding food safety, licenses, record-keeping, shipping food products, and selling food to the public. While it is not the best news for aspiring restaurant owners, it is excellent for tourists and residents.

Because of the strict regulations on restaurants, diners are always assured of the best quality foods, high standards in food preparation, and restaurant hygiene. With so many restaurants in Toronto, there is always new cuisine to try and a variety of choices.

At Aviv Restaurant, we look at all the venues, the menus, and the ambience to give you an idea of where to go the next time you visit Toronto.

Prospective owners of restaurants have their work cut out as they will have to compete with several restaurants which have been in the business for a while.

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